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Amendment V lowers the required age to serve in the Colorado General Assembly as a representative or senator from age 25 to 21. Young people deserve full participation in our government, and it is pro-choice to support the voices and actions of young people, especially young women.

These bipartisan amendments, Y & Z, will establish a commission to handle legislative and congressional redistricting and makes campaigning more competitive and democratic.



The Colorado constitution currently matches the US Constitution and allows for slavery, as long as that enslavement is in punishment for a crime. This is an outdated law that must be changed. NARAL supports making slavery illegal in ALL circumstances.


Amendment 73 increases funding for schools and allows for pro-family policies such as all day Kindergarten and reduced lunch programs for example. Pro-choice is pro-family. NARAL supports increasing opportunities and educational services for children and their families.

A large and diverse coalition is standing against Amendment 74. This constitutional measure that would allow corporations to sue state and local governments over laws they disagree with. Not only would the unintended consequences be nearly impossible to repeal from our constitution, it is written so broadly it could apply to lawsuits against the state regarding the location of abortion clinics. Making it even more difficult to set up a clinic.

Prop 109 is an irresponsible way to address our crumbling roads. 109 approves the use of bonds to fix roads and places Colorado in a difficult financial situation down the road when those bonds must be paid, but we never approved the tax revenue to pay for it. When this happens, social services are usually what is cut to pay that debt, and we do not support measures that could put women’s services on the chopping block.

With the potential loss of healthcare access in states surrounding us, we could see an increase in people coming to our state to access needed medical services. Prop 110 is a responsible way of addressing our crumbling roads that does not leave our state in a bad financial position later on.


Payday lenders often trap single mothers in desperate financial situations with exorbitantly high interest rates on payday loans, leaving them stuck in a cycle of debt. NARAL believes being truly pro-choice means supporting financial policy that allows women to make choices they want for themselves, rather than what their financial situation dictates.


Caring 4 Denver would raise taxes by .25 cents per $100 spent and would generate an estimated $45 million towards suicide prevention; mental health services, opioid and substance abuse services; and affordable housing with services to reduce homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization. This is a reproductive rights and economic justice policy that will help low income women better access economic assistance and healthcare.

















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